Welcome to Boogie V3

Boogie is an open-source project that allows you to test cosmetics on a custom hosted server for Fortnite!

Feature 01

Troll Your Friends

BoogieFN Has multiple features that will allow you to troll your friends or even your fans on TikTok or YouTube!

Feature 02

Every Cosmetic

Dont have a certian cosmetic? BoogieFN provides users with every cosmetic including TBD unreleased cosmetics!

Feature 03

Stat Changer

Change anything from vbucks to crown wins, level, cosmetics, battle stars, arena points and more!

Feature 04

Free & Easy to use!

BoogieFN is free to use and fast and quick to use! with the click of a few buttons

Feature 05

Discord Bot

Easy to use discord bot to control quite literally anything!.

Feature 06


You can gift yourself any cosmetic you would like to!

Discord Server

This is our discord server, we hope that you can join and have a good time. If you have any issues, join the server and make a post in the help forum.

Still not convinced on why you should use BoogieFN?